I have to admit, this blog assignment has made me think about my choice of studying in international Communication a lot. I realized this is not only just an assignment for one single class. It’s a place for our “IC nerds” to put our thoughts together and connect our studies to real world in one place. From the beginning of this semester, I was still deciding to change my major to International Media, but then I realized International Media is part of International Communication. We communicate with each other through different medial tools, like social media, broadcast, radio, and other art forms(including blogging). It’s a really amazing feeling to know that something you are studying now is changing and shaping the world and people’s thoughts.

International Communication

I kept the habit of writing journals everyday since I left home for college. It’s a sense of belonging to a family, a group, or to the world. I enjoyed how this blog site has brought everyone in our class and program together. And I will try to keep this blog updated thorough this year especially with the social media class I’m taking next year.