Ok, so this is my final post. And as my fellow group members have noted, it’s okay to be sentimental. To put it very simply, I’ve learned a lot! And as much as I would run around campus screaming “Information Overload!” every Thursday at 2:30, I think I’ve done a good job retaining/understanding the material. One part of the readings that many loathed while I adored were the history behind International comm and IC technologies. Yes, the readings were dense and sometimes redundant, but I loved reading about the power struggle between the UK, the U.S., European forces, and the rest of the world.


Another part of IC I enjoyed most were the discussions. While at times it was hard for me to clearly articulate the ideas floating around in my head, I enjoyed the luxury of being able to reflect on the readings in class discussions. I also loved listening to other people’s perspectives and challenging/talking about different points of view.


One of the most difficult concepts that i’m contining to tackle is that of networks. While I provided myself and other readers with a intro to networks for dummies, I still find the subject very difficult to grasp. Not only is it complex, it’s also a bit confusing. Nonetheless, I think I understand the gist of network theory (or so I think).

While my classmates have already discussed this, I’ll take the liberty of mentioning it as well. I like blogging. In fact, I used to have my own blog (it’s down because grad school has taken over my life). But the nice thing about personal blogging is that I got to write about whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted. Of course this wasn’t the case in this class. In fact, I was very scared that I wouldn’t find anything to blog about, and more importantly, I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to keep it up. But as the semester progressed, I realized how much of International Comm is intertwined into our daily lives. This may be an overstatement, but everywhere I look, I can see an example of IC or IC technologies. Scary? Maybe just a little. Brilliant? Absolutely.


All in all, it’s been an interesting journey. I thank readers (if any) for reading and putting up with my crazy ideas.